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Review: Ei-Hi S911C UFO 6 Axis Gyro Camera Quadcopter

This Ei Hi may be the best drone with camera for under $200. It is built around a traditional radio controlled design model which makes it larger and more flight capable than many of the drones in this price range. With the included microSD card for video storage it can also be the best drone for photography too. The camera is high definition and the drone shoots while in flight. The footage can then be loaded into the editing software program of your choice to create the images you need. This is a consumer hobby drone designed for short fun flights and it is gaining a following on the Internet.

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Product Specifications

This drone weighs just over 3 pounds and comes with everything you need to take your first flight right out of the box. The battery is a Li Po 500 with a short charge time. The modular construction of the drone makes the replacement parts affordable so you can get long use from the product. It incorporates a red UFO light for visibility that can be turned on or off. It also has a body that is protected with foam to give extra crash protection.


The S911C.offers solid features that can make it the right choice for many first time fliers and experienced fliers who are looking for a fun drone to take on picnics. The features include:

  • Protective foam drop protection allows drone to bounce back up into flight
  • Lights turn off and on with switch on body to conserve battery power
  • Included 2G micro SD card
  • Gyro positioning control with 6 axis control points
  • Charges in less than 2 hours
  • Average flight time is 7 to 9 minutes
  • Channel flying function with 4 path control
  • Modular design allows for low cost swap repair and little maintenance
  • High powered lift props allow for lift in variable winds


The Ei-Hi is designed for the hobby flier who is looking for a little bit more than the average entry level drone has to offer. Camera equipped, this is perfect for outdoor gatherings, hobby flights and other short flight space areas. The resolution of the camera is high enough to produce promotion quality images and short films of events. The size makes it easy for beginners to handle and the modular construction reduces repair and maintenance costs. One of the other common uses for this drone is made possible because of its unusual light weight. It is ideal for hiking, biking and camping trips to add an extra dimension to your experience of different areas.

Average customer reviews

There are a lot of customer reviews for this drone model because of its popularity in its price range. We have summarized the points that the majority are in agreement on.

  • This is a highly functional drone that delivers a lot of service for the price. The easy to replace parts, easy availability of parts and low cost for them make it an ideal beginner or hobby drone. Many people also recommend it as a good base drone if you are experimenting with modifications.
  • The downside to its low price appears to be its lack of quality documentation. Most people found that they could learn what they needed to know by visiting forums or asking questions online at the purchase site.
  • The battery life is short but the tradeoff for the price and the light weight of the drone made it well worth it.
  • The image quality is surprisingly good. That is comes with a MicroSD card is perfect. You can start flying and recording right out of the box.

The final word

Finding a camera drone review that really looks at the worth of the budget drone is hard. In reading the customer reviews it is easy to see that this is an ideal beginner model. It can make the perfect drone for kids, or for those who want to try out the experience before deciding if they want to commit to a more expensive model. Its light weight is one of its biggest selling points. You can take this drone with you wherever you want to go.

Best drone for beginners – Top 5

For beginners, it would be a time taking task to fly a drone, especially if they need to get images and record videos. For this purpose, the drone should be made to fly with great care, accuracy and in a balanced way. But it’s a very hard to achieve the goal, for anyone who just have plunged into this field. In order to make the whole process easier, the selected drone should be sturdy and should have easy controlling options and an ability to fly with maximum balance and accuracy of angles. Not all drones come with features that are easy to understand and makes it easier for beginners.

So that is why we have selected 5 of the best drone for beginners and top options for those who need an easy drone to fly and is also a long-time partner. So lets have a look:

Top 5 – Best Drone for Beginners

Mini Drone Beginner Video Quadcopter Camera

Mini Drone Beginner Video Quadcopter Camera

What could be a better option, than a smart small sized, easy to operate drone with a camera. This one is great mini drone having a smart camera below its body that has the ability to capture video as well as, still picture from a considerable height. This one has 6 axis gyro tech, enabled for a smooth, well balanced and perfectly angled flight outdoors, and indoors. The drone also has rotor blade protectors to help avoid any hazard while flying.This one has proven to be an excellent drone for a beginner because of its easy control and balancing qualities.

There are separate functional button for your to control all of its separate functions like rollover flight demo, as well as the video and camera options, have a separate controlling button. There is a multiple rotor shift feature that offers 3 shift rotor functioning with an indication of the shift being used. The drone comes with a 2.4 GHz spectrum that allows the drone to fly smoothly by avoiding any interference. It operates on low power and uses 3.7 V lithium ion batteries. It offers 5-8 minutes of continuous flight with its 40 minutes of battery charging. There are also 6 LED lights and a 360-degree flight function for you to fly it like a pro.

Hubsan X4 H107C Quadcopter with Camera

Hubsan X4 H107C Quadcopter with Camera

This palm-sized wonder drone is excellent for a beginner’s use. It comes with a separate beginner and expert flight mode.

It has got a 2.4 GHz controlling transmitter that offers a complete and high-speed connectivity to the drone. It comes with a .3 MP camera enabling the drone to record shots from above the ground. It has the 6 axis gyro technology that makes it fly smoothly and in a balanced way. There is a full control over it directional movements either forward or backward as well as on both sides. It also comes with 4 LED lights for a better night tie flight and also rotor blade protectors for a safe flight. The overall flight time is 7-10 minutes approximately with 45-60 minutes charging time.

SYMA X5C Explorers Drone with Camera

Hubsan X4 H107C Quadcopter with Camera

What a beginner needs in a drone is its stable flight and easy to operate functions that are able to assist him/her to learn and excel in flying the drones. That’s what has been assured in this Syma Explorer drone camera. It comes with a high-tech design that ensures safety while flying and has a full rotor cover and also comes with a supportive landing stand props. All these features help a beginner to fly, handle and land the drone safely when needed. It has variable directional movement and a 360-degree eversion ability The drone has been equipped with a 2mp camera to capture high quality still images as well as video recording. Variable frequency and speed options are also there. It can move using 6 axis system to provide a smooth flight in an easy way. The functioning and control panel is user-friendly and requires no technical knowledge to handle it.

NightHawk Quadcopter Spy Explorers with HD camera

NightHawk Quadcopter Spy Explorers with HD camera

The night hawk drone with an HD camera is an excellent beginner’s quadcopter that gives and equal opportunity for experts and beginners to fly and enjoy the drone flight. Find the full list for the best mini quadcopters. The drone comes with a complete user manual and full support through call and a complete guide to repairing your drone if gets it damaged. So, you have full cover in case of any accident.

It supports full 360-degree flips in four different directions. It gives a precise and safe hovering through six axis technology and a fail safe mode. There is also a 4GB memory card and a camera having 720p HD quality video capability. It gives a first person view and is also able to record and shoot still images. The controlling spectrum is about 2,4 GHZ with a range of about 100-150 meters. The drone is very easy to fly and land and hence provides a great opportunity for beginners who want to learn to fly drones or experiment to take photographs and record videos.

UDI U818A-1 Discovery RC Quadcopter with HD Camera

UDI U818A-1 Discovery RC Quadcopter with HD Camera

This is an updated version of the previously called UDI U818A-1 discovery drone. This one has a 6 axis gyro tech ability that enables the user to control the drone with exceptional balance and smooth flight. The drone has been structured to provide maximum control and an easy flight. The upgraded version ensures the user to record the videos and take images with high definition results and maximum details.

The motor in the drone has improved capability that can fly to longer distances and has a greater power to fly efficiently. It also has a USB cable for charging its battery. The time of flight ranges from 7-9 min with a battery that is being charged for about 90-120 minutes. The functions and control are very easy to operate that is a plus for beginners to enjoy a smooth multidimensional flight.

All of these above mentioned Best drone for beginners, provide high quality flight control and easy to operate functions that gives an opportunity for the beginners to fly drones like a pro. So, you now have to decide which you like the most and buy it to start enjoying the adventure.

Review: Syma X5C 4 Channel Quad Copter Drone with Camera

If you’re new to the world of drones, this best drone camera is for you. Drone cameras are becoming increasingly popular and there are many different varieties and options of cameras in drones to choose from. The Syma X5C 4 is a very modern and up to date camera drone that is perfect for anyone who isn’t very familiar with the technology but would like to learn more. These are fun devices that allow you to capture pictures and videos from the sky above. This drone is perfect if you want to show off a high tech device to your friends that are easy to use!

External appearance and structure:

This drone comes in one color which is white. The white color is very modern and looks very similar to a spaceship flying in the sky. The appearance is small and has four propellers attached to it. The overall structure of the drone has been designed to give it’s a maximum balance while flying and making it even more controlled and fly smoothly.

Greater power and smooth flight

The four propellers allow this device to fly around faster than others while staying stable at the same time. The four sided action makes it easier for controlling the direction and speed of the drone to give you a better drone flying experience.

Flight time:

The flight time is anywhere between 5 and 8 minutes . So, you can fly it around your house, a garden or any picnic spot where you have plenty of space to cover and has a lot to explore and see.

Flight range:

It can easily fly about 50 meters range, which is sufficient for a small drone with a camera like this.

Camera and video streaming:

The device comes with a camera that will allow the drone capture videos in all different directions where it flies. The camera is high quality and will allow you to see a clear picture of the recording.


This drone runs on four double A batteries which makes it very convenient. If you don’t have batteries, the device can also be charged with the USB charger that comes with the device.


A protect guard comes with this device for better and safe flight so that it would not get damaged. It also has landing skids for better and smooth landing that are included in the box. It also comes with a USB charging cable. The charging cable is also very easy to use and will allow you to charge your drone anywhere. The USB charger can be used with a USB plug for a smart phone which makes it very convenient and easy to charge.

Read about Ei-Hi S911C UFO 6 Axis Gyro Camera Quadcopter

Some issues:

  • The USB charger is not very durable and in case you put it one for a long period of time, it may get very hot or sometimes melt.
  • The color is white and in a bright daylight you will have to put a colored mark on it to know its direction and orientation.

This modern drone is great for anyone. It can be used outdoors and indoors and for a great amount of time. Use this drone at your next outdoor party and capture the fun from the sky. It is one of the best drone with camera for beginners and requires no complicated functions and controlling skills. Anyone with alittle skill and an ability to make it fly can easily keep it in the air. Have fun with this drone and rest assured knowing that it is meant for beginners, even if it may look complicated.

Best Mini Quadcopters

Here’s the list for the best mini quadcopters. Of all the wonders and marvels that the new wave of technology has brought along with it, bots and more especially, Quadcopters. These robots are made using the best technology thus ensuring that they can conform to the expected measure of performance as well as giving you long years of service. In this huge range of copters to choose from, you might often find yourself in a situation where you are at a loss which to pick and which to leave.

Fortunately, we have got just what you need thanks to our wide selection of mini Quadcopters from amazon which will definitely keep you busy and occupied with photography, taking videos and even doing aerial research around your home. Drones, especially Quadcopters, are very easy to use thanks to communication capabilities which allow for remote controlling of the drone as it flies around.

Here are the 5 best mini quadcopters that are currently available in the market today.

1. Heli Max 1SQ

Heli Max 1SQ

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This is one great mini quadcopter which is very durable and capable of flying outdoors in light winds. It is definitely an excellent choice for the flyers who are avid about getting up in the air without much of a fuss. It has a great build which means that it will last for very long and serve your needs fully. This is the best quadcopter under $200.

2. Blade Nano QX

Blade Nano QXView on Amazon

This is very cost effective with rotor guards attached which are very crucial when you are just starting out to learn how to fly. It is definitely a very safe choice when you don’t want to cause destruction as you undergo your daily endeavors.

3. Estes Proto X

Estes Proto X

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This mini quadcopter is definitely a good choice for copter enthusiasts as it has got all the features of a drone. One downfall of the drone, however, is that is tends to be a little heavier than usual and as a result, will require proper care and caution when it is being handled.

4. Walkera Ladybird

Walkera Ladybird

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This tiny quadcopter definitely has what it takes to have such a name. Not only is it capable of flying in limited spaces, but can also be maneuvered into tight spots in case you are using it to locate something. It is definitely the right size for a small quad copter which implies that it is quite light which is useful for a number of varied situations.

5. Hubsan X4

Hubsan X4

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Last but not least, the Hubsan X4 is one mini quadcopter which surpasses all the others on the list. It has been beautifully crafted according to the latest drone construction standards and has enough stamina to handle more than just a few light trips. The end result of this is a drone that is not only easy to use, but incredibly sleek and strong to withstand any flying conditions.

In conclusion, new trends in technology are revealing products aimed at making life easier and fun. With those 5 best mini quadcopters listed above, you will definitely have somewhere to start from when you are buying your next drone. This will most likely help you sift through the different ones available in the quad copter market.