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Review: Syma X5C 4 Channel Quad Copter Drone with Camera

If you’re new to the world of drones, this best drone camera is for you. Drone cameras are becoming increasingly popular and there are many different varieties and options of cameras in drones to choose from. The Syma X5C 4 is a very modern and up to date camera drone that is perfect for anyone who isn’t very familiar with the technology but would like to learn more. These are fun devices that allow you to capture pictures and videos from the sky above. This drone is perfect if you want to show off a high tech device to your friends that are easy to use!

External appearance and structure:

This drone comes in one color which is white. The white color is very modern and looks very similar to a spaceship flying in the sky. The appearance is small and has four propellers attached to it. The overall structure of the drone has been designed to give it’s a maximum balance while flying and making it even more controlled and fly smoothly.

Greater power and smooth flight

The four propellers allow this device to fly around faster than others while staying stable at the same time. The four sided action makes it easier for controlling the direction and speed of the drone to give you a better drone flying experience.

Flight time:

The flight time is anywhere between 5 and 8 minutes . So, you can fly it around your house, a garden or any picnic spot where you have plenty of space to cover and has a lot to explore and see.

Flight range:

It can easily fly about 50 meters range, which is sufficient for a small drone with a camera like this.

Camera and video streaming:

The device comes with a camera that will allow the drone capture videos in all different directions where it flies. The camera is high quality and will allow you to see a clear picture of the recording.


This drone runs on four double A batteries which makes it very convenient. If you don’t have batteries, the device can also be charged with the USB charger that comes with the device.


A protect guard comes with this device for better and safe flight so that it would not get damaged. It also has landing skids for better and smooth landing that are included in the box. It also comes with a USB charging cable. The charging cable is also very easy to use and will allow you to charge your drone anywhere. The USB charger can be used with a USB plug for a smart phone which makes it very convenient and easy to charge.

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Some issues:

  • The USB charger is not very durable and in case you put it one for a long period of time, it may get very hot or sometimes melt.
  • The color is white and in a bright daylight you will have to put a colored mark on it to know its direction and orientation.

This modern drone is great for anyone. It can be used outdoors and indoors and for a great amount of time. Use this drone at your next outdoor party and capture the fun from the sky. It is one of the best drone with camera for beginners and requires no complicated functions and controlling skills. Anyone with alittle skill and an ability to make it fly can easily keep it in the air. Have fun with this drone and rest assured knowing that it is meant for beginners, even if it may look complicated.