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DEWALT DW715 Compound Miter Saw Review

This compound miter saw is awesome in its performance. The Dewalt miter saw is so light in weight that even you can carry it at those sites where you are actually working and where there is a need of this saw. That will give you a best opportunity to further improve your DIY projects. This miter saw will give you an ease of work. After reading the miter saw reviews of Dewalt you will come to know its best features, however here I am discussing few of them:

Dead on accuracy

The wood magazine has stated the performance of the Dewalt miter saw as “Dead on”. The adjustment is quite easy and you can easily handle the cam like lever that is very fast to use. It prevents you from the traditional use of screws and knobs. It also gives you the precise cut that is the reason of its success that it is becoming popular day by day. Most of the professionals are using this miter saw at this time.

User friendly

A product is efficient if it is user friendly, similar is the case with Dewalt miter saw. This miter saw has dust collector that collects all the debris of wood and it does not affect the readings of the scale.


This miter saw is well built and reliable. It is loved by both professionals and DIY owners. The blades of the saw are fine and give the best cut. Similarly the extension wing is also convenient. The overall performance and the efficiency of the miter saw is superb and it is durable than the other brands available in the market.